Document everything – Instagram adds TV feature


Instagram has launched its own video-based app called Instagram TV, or IGTV for short.

Written By

Jamie Clifton

Posted On

24 Jun 2018

This week, to celebrate reaching 1 billion users, Instagram launched its own video-based app called Instagram TV, or IGTV for short.

Facebook Inc. has developed this as part of its’ aim to spur future growth. It is being developed as a separate app (available on both iOS and Android) and will allow users to effectively upload their videos to their social profiles.

The videos will be vertical and full screen; the way that users naturally hold their phones. They will be available to each account’s followers and start playing automatically once the app is opened.

On Instagram currently, there is a limit of one minute per video. However, on IGTV, they allow for up to an hour in duration. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said this week that there will not be any immediate paid content, but they want to make it possible for those people who are creating popular videos to have a way of making money. In other words, anyone could become famous through Instagram TV; not just those who currently boast large audiences.

The app will also allow you to share videos on Facebook Watch, giving Facebook a chance to replicate similar content as it currently does through Instagram.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for those who truly want to bring their brand experience to life. Anyone can genuinely shoot their very own videos at TV episode length and grow their following and awareness. It’s perfect to document daily what your brand represents and what your customers experience. In other words, your very own brand reality show.

In the experience era, people are buying experiences over price-driven products and services. As we’ve said previously, it’s important to focus your brand on social proof and really emphasise ‘the why’ and ‘the who’. IGTV gives you that option and if you already have a significant following, take it and run.

Embrace video before the rest of your market and leave them behind. Some are just coming round to the idea whilst others still aren’t sure where to begin or what content to post. The trick is not to be shy. Like anything new, you will make mistakes but you have to keep executing in video content you believe in.

Especially now you have the option to document everything.

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