‘Undo send’ feature finally comes to Gmail for Android


Three years after Google added the 'undo send' feature to the web version of Gmail, they have finally released the feature for Android users.

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Thomas Coughlan

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21 Aug 2018

Have you ever sent an email by accident and wished you could press undo? An update to the web version of Gmail in 2015 and iOS users in 2016 made it possible. However, Android users of the Gmail app were not able to. This has now changed as the feature has been added in a recent update to the Gmail app for Android users which was spotted by Android Police.

It is not clear when the feature was added but it can be found in version 8.7 or newer of the Android Gmail app which was released in mid-July. Google has also updated their support documents with the added feature. Android users were able to use the undo feature with Google’s Inbox app, however, reports state that this app could be on its way out.

With the update, once you send an email, there will be a notification at the bottom of the screen. If you are quick, there is the opportunity to recall the email before it has been sent. You will then be returned to the email draft screen. If the email does send, there is now the chance to click undo and the recipient will not see the email. Just as when you recall an email, you will be returned to the email draft screen.

Confidential Mode available on Gmail app

‘Undo send’ is not the only feature that has been recently added to the Gmail app. Google announced on their Gmail Twitter account that Confidential mode is now available as well.

Confidential mode allows senders to set an expiration date for emails or revoke access to a recipient at any time and they will be unable to forward, copy, print or download the email. The feature also allows senders to require recipients to enter a one-time code sent via SMS to access the email.

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