How to follow up sales effectively


In a world where survival is key for small businesses and startups, I'm amazed at the amount of startups that still have poor, little or no sales follow up processes.

Written By

Jamie Clifton

Posted On

02 Aug 2019

Forget marketing strategy (for a second!), you can execute as much of that as you like, but if your business isn’t prepared to support sales nurturing and lead follow up, it’s all a wasted exercise.

Focusing on awareness and driving sales is key here. Breaking even; getting into the green if you can. But not everyone is going to buy straight away. Nor should they.

They’ve never heard of you, granted, so how do we make the most of their initial engagement? There’s a sustained period of education required.

Consistent messaging, high impact content to nurture them.

Let’s think about the customer journey for a second here and buying cycles. They aren’t going to jump from awareness and evaluation to conversion – therefore it’s the bit in between we need to get right. The experimental, educational phase.

‘How do we manage these sales leads effectively?’ I hear you ask.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. ‘More work?!’ Yes, more work. ‘Shit.’ Yes, shit. But extremely rewarding if you’re prepared to build some serious pipeline and build the best possible reputation for your brand in the early days.

We are worried about convincing the few when really we need to be shouting to the many. The many need organising though and CRMs are priceless. Segmenting your prospects, creating personalised content and giving them more touchpoints than the one salesy email goes a long way. Implementing a CRM system has also been known to improve a businesses customer retention by as much as 27%. With a CRM system, you’re not just appreciating our customers, you’re going one step further and understanding them.

You’ll be rewarded handsomely. Not chasing your tail every month, but busy containing the number of live prospects you have. Worse problems to have, right?

Do your amazing idea and your incredible hard work justice, live and breathe CRM and do it properly. I guarantee your results will be much more fruitful.

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