How to support with the Australian bush fires


It’s impossible to avoid the devastation that the Australian bush fires have caused across the states of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and beyond.

Written By

Laura Greenhalgh

Posted On

17 Jan 2020

As we speak, over 30 people have been killed, 10 million hectares of land destroyed and half a billion animals dead from the intense blaze.

Now more than ever, it’s up to us to provide support to the communities affected. We know many of you are already doing what you can to raise money for the relief and recovery work going on in Australia. There are so many charities doing brilliant work who desperately need our help to continue providing physical and psychological aid.

It can be overwhelming knowing which charities and organisations to donate to as they’re all worthy causes. We’ve decided to create a space for you to make any contribution you can to those tackling the effects of the fires. You can follow the links below to quickly and easily make a direct donation to the following charities and organisations that we’ve chosen to support:

New South Wales Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS)

The incredible firefighters on the front line controlling the blazing fires. They’re a vital service for local communities who’ve lost their homes and livelihoods.

County Fire Authority Victoria (CFA)

The volunteer-based fire service putting out the fires and providing educational support for local communities and the wellbeing of firefighters. 

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

A safe space for Koala’s to receive the care and treatment they need after experiencing a loss of habitat, burns and injuries caused by the fires.

Wildlife Warriors Australia Zoo

Run by the Irwin family, Australia Zoo has saved over 90,000 animals from the fires. Donations are helping build new homes for injured species including koalas and flying foxes.

Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

Donations are helping provide immediate cash grants for those who’ve lost their homes, shelter and relief supplies, psychological support and clean up and rebuild projects.

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