LinkedIn introduces reactions to posts


LinkedIn has recently announced that they will be introducing reactions, to their platform.

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Thomas Coughlan

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26 Apr 2019

LinkedIn has recently announced that they will be introducing reactions, similar to those on Facebook, to their platform. The five reactions are all positive and include:

  • Like
  • Celebrate
  • Love
  • Insightful
  • Curious

They should allow users to “quickly and constructively communicate with each other”, according to LinkedIn’s Product Manager, Cissy Chen.

Users have been comparing the feature to Facebook which is a more personal platform compared to LinkedIn’s professional platform. However, by having a variety, users are able to gain more insight over someone just liking their post. For marketers, knowing why someone interacted with your post can help when creating new content.

By having reaction buttons, LinkedIn could be reducing the conversations that take place on their platform. With only a like button, users would have to comment to elaborate on their point. However, being able to click a button may remove this.

LinkedIn has put thought behind these reactions, however. They have looked at the conversations that are taking place on the platform and looked at which reactions would be most valuable as well as the most popular posts that are being shared.

LinkedIn provided suggestions for when they believe the new reactions could be used:

  • Celebrate a milestone or accomplishment
  • Love to express deep resonance
  • Insightful allows you to recognise an interesting post
  • Curious allows you to let the poster know you are interested in learning more

Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn does not release as many new features. To keep users interested and engaged on the platform, new features such as reactions can only help LinkedIn.

When will the feature be available?

The reactions are already being rolled out to users globally and all users should have access to them in the coming months. The feature will be available on both the desktop and mobile versions.

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