Page Speed Update has Resulted in a Faster Web


Since rolling out the Page Speed update in July 2018, Google has been observing improvements on many pages which has resulted in a faster web.

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Thomas Coughlan

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08 Apr 2019

After making page speed a ranking factor last year, Google has been observing improvements on many pages. They have found that on a per country basis, more than 95% of countries had improved speeds. A faster web is good news for both users and site owners. The longer a website takes to load, the more likely of a higher bounce rate. The results that Google has announced has shown that the opposite is also true. They have seen a 20% reduction in abandonment rate that has come from search. The slowest one-third of traffic even saw an improvement from 15%-20% in 2018. This is after seeing no improvement at all in 2017.

What was the Page Speed update?

The Page Speed update was first announced in January 2018 and was rolled out in an algorithm update in July 2018. This gave site owners, developers and SEOs time to optimise their sites before the algorithm affected their site. The update was a way to help improve the user-experience on pages. This would, in turn, benefit both the user and the site owner. Users would have a shorter waiting time for a page to load and site owners will have their bounce rate lowered as users would be less likely to leave straight away.

From the latest results released by Google, the update has certainly made the web faster along with a better user experience. If you haven’t optimised your website to load in less than 3 seconds, there are tools that can show you how your pages are performing. Google has Page Speed Insights and the Chrome User Experience Report which show you your current speed and what you can do to improve your score. A perfect score isn’t necessarily needed, however you should continually be looking to improve.

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