Private groups. The new way to cut through the noise?


Competition has never been greater on social media with brands purely using community management as a way to boost sales, private groups being one way.

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Thomas Coughlan

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15 Mar 2019

Are private groups the new way to cut through the noise? Competition has never been greater on social media with brands purely using community management as a way to boost sales. The likes of Burger King and Uber are a prime example of companies doing just this with continuous personable content.

The rise in followers can come at a cost, and the scale of social media can make measuring impact difficult. In turn, the strong relationships you had initially built during the startup phase, where you had the luxury of attentiveness providing tender love and care to engage with each and every one of your audience, are no longer as manageable.

According to a survey of 60 senior marketers by The Social Element, 55% cite a lack of resource versus the size of the challenge as a big concern. A third are concerned about controlling and engaging with content and 29% feel they have too many channels to manage.

A company thinking outside the box this week is Starbucks. They are exploring how they can use private groups and accounts on social media to better engage with consumers around product development and testing as it looks to evolve its social media strategy. The main aim is to aid in “deeper conversations” with a specific group of customers. I love this idea and can’t wait to put it into practice! Community management plays such a vital role in social media and maintaining the one on one feel when engaging with followers can be difficult. However, this is crucial for feedback to help your company grow!

Which poses the question. Are private groups the ‘next big thing’ and answer to our engagement prayers? Or does there need to be a simple ‘less is more focus’ with the number of channels we run?

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