SaaS Marketing. A Window of Opportunity


There may be a lot of SaaS brands but there is still a window of opportunity to take advantage of the lack of marketing to get ahead of your competitors.

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Jamie Clifton

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04 Nov 2018

At the moment, we are seeing lots of SaaS start-ups and established SaaS brands. And I mean lots. But there is something that is consistently missing across many in this space, even though many will feel they are a unique proposition.

SaaS marketers are struggling in many cases with even the most given tasks, such as top-level messaging. Who are you, what do you do, who for and what do they think. If it can’t be worked out within a matter of seconds, they’re gone. By they, I mean your prospects. Some may have engaged on the understanding of what you can provide. Others will have qualified themselves quickly if they knew your proposition was for them.

There’s also a missing element of breaking down the technical ‘how we work’, ‘process’, or ‘what our service does for you’. It’s a common occurrence that a lot of SaaS brands find difficult. Communicating internally, it all makes sense. But making it understandable for your market is so important. Your internal brand ambassadors are amazing. But if no one is buying, there’s a problem and you’ll struggle to scale and enter new markets.

Once that comms piece is covered, it’s important to combine speed with patience. The easy option is to adopt traditional methods of marketing in order to find a quick win or boost initial revenue. The tougher, more rewarding method is long term. It’s important to be patient and be open to inbound marketing in SaaS. It may take 6 months to reap rewards from driving high-quality traffic to your website through amazing content that educates your prospects and improves customer loyalty. Rather than trying to force sales, it will create the right kind of demand and better customers.

Then there is the quicker, scalable option for rapid growth, that isn’t necessarily for the long term. Growth Hacking. It’s important to move fast and be disruptive in order to generate fast ARR growth, but it won’t last forever.

Combining an approach that covers the best of both worlds is much more effective. A strategy that focuses on long-term growth with short-term benefits for your SaaS proposition. Building a funnel through an omnichannel approach that helps you expand, drives loyalty and referrals and builds a foundation for long-term users that will love your SaaS brand.

Ultimately, it’s incredibly important to be customer-centric. They are the heart of your business and marketing your SaaS brand is much easier when you have external ambassadors that can back up your claims.

Remember, retention is as important as acquisition and it’s important when you find the winning formula to act fast, scale quickly and effectively. There is a window of opportunity for any SaaS marketing function to take advantage of a market that is missing the majority of the above.

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