Search Console’s Performance Overview now shows 90 days of data

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Google Search Console has made an adjustment to the performance overview, increasing the amount of data shown from 28 days to 90 days.

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Thomas Coughlan

Posted On

14 Jun 2019

Google Search Console is a fantastic tool where you can get an overview of how your site is performing in Google search. The console has a lot of handy tools, allowing you to track useful metrics for your SEO campaign. This includes asking Google to (re)evaluate your errors and seeing how Google sees pages and URLs on your site.

The Performance Report Overview showed how your site had performed over the past 28 days. This allowed you to analyse data over the last month. There have been requests to extend the time range and the report now shows data from the past 90 days. Although a small change, it offers marketers and SEOs more useful data about the performance of their website.

Why can’t I see the Discover report in Search Console?

If you can’t see the Discover report in your Search Console, it’s likely your site is not receiving enough clicks and/or impressions from the feed. The Discover feed is tailored to a user’s search and browsing activity and only appears on mobile devices. As long as your content has been indexed, there is a chance it can appear in the Discover feed. To appear in the feed, no special tags or structured data are needed, however, to increase the chance of appearing, you should:

  • Post interesting content
  • Use high-quality images
  • Ensure your site is mobile-friendly


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