Strategy WorkshopFrom £2,500

Any successful website project begins with a solid, detailed growth strategy. We get our strategy from entering into your audiences’ world, to gather an empathetic understanding of their challenges and how we can solve their journey. The growth-driven design methodology is all about peak performance, so it’s important we get off to the best start.

This early understanding allows us to develop a website that has an effective journey mapped and their pain points addressed. It also allows for us to mirror this journey internally, developing efficient processes for internal users so you can be ready to convert.

Rather than executing endless, unplanned tactics throughout a project, the strategy workshops allows us to refine a wishlist of your ideas that become a genuine action plan for the delivery of an optimal website project. This will involve UX research, buyer persona activities and user journey mapping.

The main aim of the strategy workshop is to come out with clarity of direction with defined objectives for an accelerated project. This ensures we prevent the possibility of a slow kick off and creates accountability for us all as one team. We set SMART goals around your strategy so we are all on the same page from the get go.


The workshop will take 3-6 hours. We recommend that key stakeholders in this website project and ongoing website performance attend, for example, the CEO, CMO and marketing execs.

It’s important that your website aligns with your overall company goals and mission. This gives us focus areas that we can break down and roll out a clear play to achieve these.

Fictional representations of your ideal customers - these help create empathy towards their situational challenges.

Absolutely not. Skipping this phase means we are likely going in blind and could miss the mark completely.

This is often the case. Planning creative, game-changing ideas that genuinely solve user challenges is really key so input from all is expected. We can then group and prioritise once each stakeholder has contributed.

Yes, if you like. Some of our clients see this as a great opportunity to get to know one another and check if we are a long term fit.

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