Growth Marketing

Evolving your business into a brand through growth marketing involves a full digital transformation. bolt focuses on engaging your clients, improving leads and growing brand awareness so your business is fully equipped to delight your customers.


It’s all about your customers

We put customers first - adding value at every touchpoint of the customer experience. We don’t just work with you on one project or campaign, we support your entire sales and marketing flow. As a HubSpot Solutions Partner, our dedication to your marketing, sales, service and CRM results in stronger business growth.

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Full Business Integration

Full business integration

Leveraging growth services requires consistent creativity, trend analysis, data and reporting to stay valuable to your customers. It also requires immense understanding of your business and industry - which is why from onboarding to ongoing partnership, we get to know the ins and outs of your marketplace.


Customer journey

Clients are more than a transaction - we help you provide an exceptional service and continue to engage them long after they’ve made a purchase.

Shared passion

To market your business effectively, we have to be just as passionate about it as you are; we’re fully invested in the brands we believe in.

Integrated partners

We work with your business as though we’re your in-house marketing team. This integrated partnership is critical to the positive results we achieve.

Valuable expertise

We know how to use our knowledge and skills to directly benefit your customers and deliver true value in your offerings.

Buyer personas

We develop key buyer personas for every touchpoint of your customer journey. This is the only way to provide value that supports your customers.

Building brands

We help you grow by improving your share price, revenue, key hires, wider reach and increased awareness.

View our Growth Marketing packages


from £3,000 p/mo

Lite is the ideal package for startups or businesses aiming for organic growth. bolt lite takes the first steps in your inbound marketing activity from £3,000 a month.


from £9,000 p/mo

Engaged is perfect for businesses serious about building a sales and marketing program with real results. All of your inbound marketing fundamentals are included from £9,000 a month.



All in is a bespoke value-based retainer for businesses that require greater inbound efforts based on growth aims and objectives. Price available on appointment.

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