The latest stand design completed for Exceedra is something we wanted to display as it was a diverse challenge in regards to the initial requirement behind the design of this. Usually, we will be tasked when designing a stand with creating something that dynamically showcases who a company are, what that company does, and how to get in touch.

In this case, due to the technical nature of the Exceedra software, it was to clearly display the components of the Exceedra software in a clean, understandable format for their audience to use.

The process involved both current and new colour exploration, finalising our design on the former, to show the components of the software and what areas link with one another.

The component map was designed in a way that can be utilised in digital formats, adapted for different uses applications and easily segmented for explanation of each component.

The stand has been used at events across the world and is now a key part of the initial Exceedra communication.

Key Features
  • Infographic