Progress My Office





To be integrated into an annual strategic marketing plan and the specified target market for Progress My Office, the bolt team re-branded the company as part of a re-positioning project.

The Progress message and mission was clear – to work closely with MD/CEO level persona’s in scale up businesses that are moving into their very first ‘own’ workplace. The bolt team experimented with the symbol of the company and the thought process of ‘moving to something bigger’. This was depicted in the two arrows used in the symbol, which are also subliminally a fast forward link to scale up organisations.

The typeface needed to be clean and match the border of the overall logo, something we experimented with in terms of both bold and slightly thinner fonts.

The new brand was tested across various applications, both online, offline and even clothing to ensure that it would be legible across the diverse needs in an industry such as this.

The end result is fantastic, launched digitally and something that can be used consistently in line with brand message, mission and something that resonates with the purpose and ethos of its owner. It’s gone full circle!

Key Features
  • Market research
  • Branding
  • Re-positioning
  • Bespoke graphic design
  • Motion graphics