TermSet had a challenge that is not uncommon in our industry; clearing a website user journey and making their proposition clear from initial landing. bolt focused on UX design to create a clear visitor journey that would enhance the goals of the website; to drive net new enquiries.

The new website has much improved interaction and functionality and provides a fresh look and feel with more relevant imagery and helps define the specific TermSet products & how they can benefit the end user.

Access to relevant downloads and UX focused video design helped us achieve this. We added new functionality to help increase interaction with the end user, such as live chat, user friendly forms and clear call to actions.

Upon launch, SEO and PPC campaigns were launched to drive both immediate enquiries and grow long term organic traffic.

Since the website was launched, the TermSet brand has been acquired by CoreView, something that was fantastic for us to see – knowing the team behind the TermSet brand and the innovation and hard work had paid off.

Key Features
  • UX design
  • Bespoke graphics
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Video integration
  • WordPress CMS